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Why do civics need bulletproof vests

As our mind Bulletproof Vests are worn by all kinds of people: Cops, Law Enforcement Agents, Security Guards, Shop Owners and Workers, Surveyors, Park Rangers, Volunteers, Bank Employees, Couriers, War Photographers, Urban Explorers, Paramedics, People Who Don’t Trust The Other Patrons At The Gun Range, etc.

Why do civics need the police body armor & military bulletproof vest ?

There are many reasons the average person might wear a bulletproof vest. It may be for:


The rate of violent crime and mass shootings has increased over recent years. Many people feel a lot better out in public or sending kids to school knowing there’s a piece of bulletproof gear on them that can buy precious time and save their life.

Some civilians opt for concealable bulletproof vests with soft ballistic panels when they’re out. Others prefer armor that’s more multi-functional, like bulletproof backpacks or bags or even bullet resistant clothing. The Level IIIA versions of these items can resist handgun penetration up to a .44 Magnum, just like a bulletproof vest would, and you’d never know they had armor panels inside just by looking.

Safety in dangerous neighborhoods

When you live or work in a high-crime area, you’re more at risk of falling victim to violent attack. Even just walking from the front door to the car opens you up to threats ranging from drive-by shootings to muggings at gun or knife point.

Not everybody has the option to live or work in a safer place. That’s why some people in these risky locations wear body armor. It’s usually a vest that’s concealable and able to protect from both a bullet or a stabbing.

Imagine being a gas station clerk in a dangerous neighborhood and sitting all day in front of a cash register full of money. Bad.

Now imagine sitting there wearing a hidden vest that can resist penetration from the most common handgun ammunition and street blades. Less bad, right?

Protection while hunting or shooting

Some hunters or sport shooters opt to wear ballistic protection. They know they’re not an intended target but that accidents can happen. Plus, there’s often a lot of vision-obscuring forest between themselves and other groups of hunters, and it’s not unheard of to notice gunfire being accidentally directed in their party’s general direction.

Hunters who wear vests tend to go for a carrier with a hard armor plate – usually Level III or III+ – because that’s the only level rated to stop rifle fire.

Bulletproof vests and other body armor aren’t only for people in high risk jobs. The number of mass shootings in the world is rising, and there’s nothing fun about walking around in fear for you or your loved one’s safety.

Who have right to buy the bulletproof vest?

Everyone has the right to buy bulletproof vest at—unless you’ve been convicted of a violent crime, in which case you have unfortunately forfeited your right to own body armor of any kind. BulletSafe offers sales right here on our website to the worldwide. Consumers in Connecticut cannot buy bulletproof vests online. They must do so in person at a storefront. So unless you live in CT or are a violent felon, you are free to purchase a great bulletproof vest at an unbelievable price here.

No matter what your vocation or situation, if you are in danger of being shot, a bulletproof vest is your best option for safety. Bulletproof vests are made to cover your vital organs to protect you from fatal injuries. Bulletproof vests don’t offer guaranteed protection, but they are your best line of defense against certain types of danger.

Whatever your reason for needing a bulletproof vest, whether for safety in a personal situation, or on the job, consider what type of environment you’ll be in, how much moving you’ll be doing, and what type of bullets might be fired in your direction. Most people in the worldwide are shot with bullets from handguns, and a Bulletproof Vest protects you from virtually all handgun rounds.

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