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NIJ IV Al₂O₃+12mmUHMW-PE Military Army bulletproof Armor plates 300X250X22mm Free Shipping


Armor plates, 10 mm Al₂O₃+12mmUHMW-PE,

weight 2.85 kg + 0.05 kg,250 x 300 mm x 23 mm

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NIJ IV Al₂O₃+12mmUHMW-PE Military Army bulletproof  Armor plates 300X250X22mm Free Shipping


Size: 300X250X23 mm,

Flat ( Duck red plate),

Weight 2.85+/-0.5kg


NIJ IV Standard

The NIJ IV ceramic body armor plate is our toughest and lightest level IV plate yet. With a boron carbide strike face and UHMWPE backer, the tacticalxmen is a military grade plate that has been laboratory tested and proven to defeat .30-06 M2AP armor piercing rounds. Boron carbide is one of the hardest materials known to man. However, it’s lighter than other softer ceramics such as aluminum oxide, which is used in most civilian grade body armor.


Lightweight Level IV Protection

It’s no secret that speed, agility and stamina are critical during hostile engagements. While many level IV ceramic body armor plates weigh around 8 or 10 lbs per plate, the tacticalxmen weighs in at just 5.7 lbs per plate. Not only does the tacticalxmen plate provide the operator with a clear weight advantage, but the boron carbide strike face easily destroys .30-06 M2 AP rounds upon impact. The lightweight UHMWPE backer catches the remaining bullet fragments preventing any penetration or secondary spall injury to the operator. The tacticalxmen level IV ceramic body armor plate is the perfect choice for Law Enforcement, Security Contractors, Military, First Responders or even concerned civilians looking for advanced threat protection and safety.


Full Edge-To-Edge ESAPI Protection

Get what you’re paying for with full edge-to-edge protection! It provides maximum protection for vital organs in a full 10″ x 12″ medium ESAPI shooters cut profile. This allows for better protection to the operator in the event of near-edge impacts. The highly compatible ESAPI sizing gives the operator the freedom to choose from a wide range of plate carriers.

Specifications :

Threat Protection: Armor Piercing Rifle Rated Up To .30-06 M2 AP.

Independently tested to NIJ protocol 0101.06

Material Composition: Boron Carbide Ceramic & UHMWPE

Full Edge-to-Edge Protection

Armor Shape: Single-Curve

Plate Quantity: Two (2) Plates Included

Armor Type: Stand Alone


Warranty :

Guaranteed against manufacturer defects 5 years from the date of purchase.


Contact us :


Skype: maryye214

Mobile / Whatsapp / weChat: +86 134 1017 1939

Weight6 kg


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