ICs are a type of integrated circuit made out of millions of semiconductors that can store data or can be used to process code. We distributor the IC Brand have Xilinx, Qorvo, Mini-Circuits, ADI, LT, ST, INFINEON, CYPRESS, MARVELL, NXP , TI , ALTERA, INTEL——
Memory chips can hold memory either temporarily through random access memory (RAM), Static Ram (SRAM) or permanently through read only memory (ROM). We distributor the Brand of Memory have : Samsung, Toshiba, Micron

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Gelec Sightglass LED Luminaire SL60 Original New

Gelec SL60 Free shipping


  • Appropriate for combined sight/light glass units, or separate flanged ports in non hazardous areas

    On sight glasses acc. to DIN28120, DN 50 – DN200 On sight glasses acc. to DIN28121, DN 50 – DN200 On sight glasses acc. to DIN11851, DN 50 – DN125
  • Flow indicator sightglasses and rectangular or D-ended sight glasses

  • Suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing industries

  • Appropriate for general and architectural lighting

Geze Fire Rated heavy duty Door Closer Model – TS 1000C (Silver)

Free shipping Material Steel Brand GEZE Colour Silver Item Weight 2.87 Pounds