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How Awesome of the Chinese Military bulletproof vests

 How Awesome of the Chinese Military bulletproof vests? They have Exported to dozens of countries , occupy over 70% of the global body armor market

In a war, where there is an attack, there will be a defense. Defense is not only the defense of combat positions, but also the defense of soldiers’ life. If life consists of attack without defense, the number of people who died in the war will can’t be countable. In ancient wars, soldiers often used knives, guns, swords, sticks and other weapons, and soldiers could defend themselves by wearing metal body armor. But with the progress of the times, heavy firepower and heavy damage weapons such as guns and cannons been appeared, and this kind of pure metal body armor is facing elimination.

During the World War I , A lot of the Countries developed new types of armor shields. England has developed steel wire armor body armor, Germany has developed Si-Ni alloy body armor, and the United States has developed Cr-Ni alloy body armor. Although they have all played a defensive role , but they are too heavy for soldiers. At the same time, it also added a lot of burden to the soldiers.

After World War I, these armors may be shelved and eliminated. With the outbreak of World War II, All the Countries have fallen into the extreme demand for body armor. This time the United States took the Prior in developing body armor made of Mn-steel with a small weight and a high defensive coefficient. At the same time, the US military has also developed lighter Ceramic Body Armor. However, the Soviet army was not far behind and developed the SN-42 steel body armor, which played a significant role in the defense of Stalingrad. Later, the United States developed nylon body armor, but if it wanted to achieve a better defense effect, the weight would be greatly increased. Coupled with the shortcomings of nylon, such as poor air permeability, it was not favored by soldiers.

Til the 1970s , a material with high flexibility, strong bulletproof capability and light weight was finally developed-“Kevlar“. There is also a kind of ultra-high molecular weight that is stronger than Kevlar-polyethylene fiber. This is the strongest and lightest material in the world. And China’s defense bulletproof vests also use this material, and grapheme material is added to increase the bulletproof capability. A foreign friend conducted a special test on the Chinese defense bulletproof vest: He used a variety of firearms and bullets of multiple calibers to shoot at a distance of 3 meters, but failed to penetrate the bulletproof board.

During the Iraq War, 12 England soldiers were ambushed. In the end, only one soldier died. The others escape successful . Many English body armors were gunshot like sieves, but none of the bullets penetrated the body armor. The clothes were all made in China, and the England soldiers couldn’t help sighing that the Chinese bullet-proof vests saved themselves. Since then, the bullet-proof vests became famous in one fell swoop. Nowadays, China’s body armor are exported to dozens of countries and regions, occupy over 70% of the Global body armor market. Lament the speed of progress in China  science and technology, and be proud of “Made in China“!

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